• Aya Takeda

    Aya Takeda

    Aya Takeda is mezzo soprano. She sings on a regular base lead and backing voices at concerts and recordings. Sometimes she also cares for the percussion.

  • Cat Cameera

    Cat Cameera

    Cat Cameera sings lead vocals on the single "Rocket Lover" in alto.

  • Chrissy Hat

    Chrissy Hat

    Chrissy Hat sings alto and joined the project Blue #2 as songstress.

  • Franziska Raduenzel

    Franziska Raduenzel

    Franziska Raduenzel is mezzo soprano. She sings on a regular base on concerts and recordings lead and backing vocals.

  • Maggy


    Maggy joined in April, 2015 as vocalist.

  • Martina Plieger

    Martina Plieger

    Martina joined in 2016 as vocalist.

  • Matu Kahja

    Matu Kahja

    Matu Kahjy supports the project as a guest songstress with her awesome blues voice.

  • Maxime Bonet

    Maxime Bonet

    Maxime Bonet sings mainly the backing vocals on CD Rocket Science in alto.

  • The Singer and Songstresses

    A list of songer and songstresses

  • Tommy Blue (V)

    Tommy Blue

    Tommy Blue sings bass and bariton. At different sessions worldwide he performed e.g. music from an Adele cover to own blues ballads: Crossover music touching your heart. Stages were e.g.

    • 2010: Blue Monday in Ithaca/New York
    • 2011: Singer/Songwriter Debut in Vancouver/Canada
    • 2012: Open Mic in Beijing/China

    and of course almost weekly on some of the Hamburg stages in one of the various clubs.