Andreas Gellrich

Andreas "Gelle" Gellrich is a fellow and plays a nice blues bass.

Annette Kluge

Annette Kluge plays e-drums on CD Rocket Science.

Bela Hoche

Bela is an old friend and guest guitarist. He plays lead guitar.

Christian Meyer

Christian is a project member from the very beginning. He plays rhythm and solo guitar.

Daniel Sieghart

In the project Daniel plays saxophon.

Volker Hiller

Hans plays drums in most of the concerts and on CD Blue #2

Julia Voigt

In the project Julia plays saxophon. Normally you can listen to her also at the bass or the violin.

Ken Ball

Ken Yamori Ball plays guitar in project "Blue #2".


From the very beginning Niko plays lead guitar (and Chicken Picking) on the CD Rocket Science.

Otto Zeides

Otto is a fellow and blues guitarist. He plays lead guitar.

Rudi Basso

Rudi Basso is bass player. He joins on a regular basis concerts and recordings.

Ryan Yunck

Ryan Yunck is multiinstrumentalist and plays drums and keyboard in projekt "Blue #2".

Tommy Blue

Tommy Blue is multiinstrumentalist and plays bluesharp, keys, guitar und lapsteel.

Volker Hiller

Volker Hiller plays drums in most of the concerts.